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A special message from the SketchCasts Team

SketchCasts was created back in 2014. Design tools, techniques and workflows were changing rapidly in the industry and so we wanted to create a place where we could share tutorials and how-to's that would help beginners get started in Sketch and boost the skills of experienced designers on a regular schedule.

We've created over 180 videos, with topics that ranged from UI, Prototyping, Typography, Bezier Curves and much more. We explored tools such as Sketch, Figma, Framer, Adobe XD and many others.

It's been a very fulfilling ride in the last years, however that journey will come to a end.

Unfortunately we could never reach the numbers necessary to make SketchCasts a platform with enough revenue to sustain the entire team full-time. So instead of slowly degrading the quality of the content over time, we decided to end our run on SketchCasts now.

All videos will continue to be available for a limited time for all current subscribers. All subscriptions will stop being charged (if by any chance, you keep being charged after December 2018, let us know).

We're very proud of what we accomplished, and thankful for the support of all our subscribers, which allowed us to create great content.

We'd like to send special thanks to our teachers (Rafael Conde, Ramon Gilabert, CJ Melegrito, Pedro Sousa), all the guests and friends that contributed to the site, like Sagi Shrieber, Peter Nowell, Inês Oliveira, Rui Leitão and everyone we might have forgot to mention.

— The SketchCasts Team

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