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12 minutes | 14 Apr 2014

What's new in Sketch 3 (free)

We take a tour of the new features of version 3


  • Sketch 3
  • Sketch 3 - Mac App Store link
  • What's new in Sketch 3 - by Jean-Marc Denis

  • Updated Toolbar icons
  • Redesigned Inspector, giving you quicker access to everything
  • Faster access to fills, borders and more in the new popovers
  • You’re no longer limited to 4 fills
  • Your document’s most popular colors automatically generated
  • Gradient borders
  • Improved gradient editing
  • Text Styles and Layer Styles, redesigned and unified for a better experience
  • Faster font previews in the text inspector
  • Adds Paste-in-place
  • Automatic Slices, export layers directly, without needing to set up manual slices
  • Export multiple resolutions from a single slice, at any scale
  • You can now drag a layer from the layer list directly out of Sketch to quickly export it
  • Improved Artboard tool with new Presets and organisation
  • Grab and drag Artboards around by their name
  • Adds the ability to hide the artboard shadow
  • Filter between Slices and Layers in the Layer Tree
  • Improved Bitmap editing with Magic Wand, Crop, Invert and Vectorize tools
  • Vectorize stroke improvements
  • Rounding specific corners on shapes has been made easier
  • Improved Transform tool
  • iOS and Web Templates
  • Symbols, for reusing elements in your design



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