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14 minutes | 21 Sep 2018

Getting started with InVision Studio

Today we're going to look at InVision Studio.
As a modern design tool it promises to help you design, prototype and animate - all of this, in the same app.
As of right now it's been in early access for a few months but I feel it's a good time to test it and see how it compares to other tools from the competition.

Before I open the program, let me sum up their main selling points:
- they have vector edition controls of course, they're actually very neat. Somewhat closer to illustrator rather than sketch I would suggest.
- you can actually pin elements to a part of the screen and you can use % sizes so they will scale accordingly so that's a big plus to design responsive layouts
- you can create interactions in your designs, so you can add gestures or clicking on a element and transition to another screen.
Not only that but there's also a timeline to customize how these transitions will occur. We'll go into detail on this a bit later.
- it's deeply integrated with InVision Cloud so you can use that to wireframe or gather ideas with your team or handoff the designs to developers. You could also do that in sketch or adobe XD by installing plugins but here it's out of the box.

Speaaking of plugins, they're not available right now so I can't comment how they work.

Anyway, the important question to ask is: is the product as good as its marketing? Let's find out.

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Pedro Sousa

Developer and Designer Hybrid



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