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12 minutes | 24 Jun 2014

Exporting tools

I'll walk you through the many ways that you can export your design and assets out of Sketch, to the world, including a first look at the just released SketchTool.

  • SketchTool – A command-line app for exporting pages and slices out of .sketch docs.

  • Here's some of the basic commands of SketchTool

    • export slices Export one or more slices
    • export pages Export an area from one or more pages
    • export artboards Export one or more artboards
    • export layers Export one or more layers

    • show Show the location of the various sketch folders.
    • list pages List information on the document's pages.
    • list artboards List information on the document's artboards.
    • list formats List the supported export formats.
    • list slices List information on the document's slices.

    • dump Dump out the structure of a document as JSON.

    If you have any question I'm just a tweet away ;)

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Rafael Conde