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Learn how to use Sketch, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with this growing collection of online videos for casual users and professional designers alike.

Using Components in Figma
26 minutes

Using Components in Figma

Components by Figma! Symbols, but with real property overriding. Reusability in your designs has never been easier with this tool that the guys over California have created. In this episode, we show you guys the basics of it going through the process of designing a small Christmas list app.

Taking a Look at Figma, part 2
20 minutes

Taking a Look at Figma, part 2

The second video of Figma is here. Today we are going to go through the process of designing a quick on-boarding to check where constraints are and to get a bit more fluent in this new tool.

Free to watch Taking a Look at Figma, part 1
19 minutes

Taking a Look at Figma, part 1

Figma is a tool with a mission, bring collaboration between designers and even clients. As easy as setting up and account, you'll be able to start designing with its intuitive UI and shortcuts you already know from other similar tools. In this episode that kicks off the series of Figma, we'll go through the basics of it.

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