About SketchCasts

SketchCasts is a child project of Rafael Conde and Think Orange.

Our goal is to offer a screencast or video tutorial every week covering Sketch. We start by covering the very basics of the app and then later on jump to more advanced topics.

Every month we make some older videos on our catalog free to watch for non-members.

SketchCasts is sustainable by it’s community and friends, by purchasing a subscription you help us create new videos.

This project saw the light of the day by the awesome support and kind words of the design community on Twitter and Designer News, a big thank you to all of you.


Rafael Conde


Sousa 80x80
Pedro Sousa

Developer and Designer Hybrid

Ramon Gilabert

Awesome person

CJ Melegrito

Designer, writer.


Join the team

Ever wanted to produce screencasts? Do you love everything about design and sharing that knowledge with the world? Right now, we are looking to bring a fresh face on board to help us expand our SketchCasts video team.

You would need to be comfortable taking a topic on design, your favorite tool and putting together a video, for example "All about Vectors in Framer" or "How to organize symbols in Sketch".

If you have what it takes, then send your credentials and examples of past work to the following email address: sketchcasts @ thinkorange.pt

Become a member to get access to 100+ videos and new learning material every week.

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